Business Model

i-Quu Labs engages with customers through different business model options, ranging from simple consulting services to complete product delivery.

Custom Products
  • Define ➛ Design ➛ Develop ➛ Deliver
  • From product definition to product delivery – based on customer’s requirements, i-Quu Labs defines, designs, and develops the product.
  • After release of the prototype product by the customer, i-Quu Labs starts the qualification process and will deliver the product based on agreed upon terms and conditions.
  • This business model is usually based on NREs and unit pricing or royalties.
Turnkey Design
  • Based on the engineering requirement specifications, i-Quu Labs will design and develop engineering prototypes.
  • Next to the fully functional product prototype, customer will receive the product design documentation, incl. CAD/CAM software files with the detailed circuit schematic diagram, PCB design with components library information, BOM, and 3D models.
  • If requested, i-Quu Labs may support also during the transfer of the prototype design to manufacturing, including all product manufacturing documentation and required assembly instructions.
  • i-Quu Labs may also support during the process engineering period and help to assure continuous manufacturing quality.
  • This business model is usually calculated on project-based NREs.
Design Services
  • Our design services comprise the complete or partial optical and electronic system design. Among others, it includes the engineering requirement specifications, optical and RF circuit design, the PCB design and the mechanical design.
  • Customer will receive the project specific design documentation, incl. any generated CAD/CAM software files.
  • This business model is usually based on hourly billing or retainer pricing.
Consulting Service
  • Our consulting services comprise feasibility studies, on-site technical consulting, execution of development projects, technical reviews, and technical due diligences.
  • This business model is usually calculated on hourly billing or value-based pricing.

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