Why i-Quu Labs?

We’re specialists for multi-gigabit active optical cables (AOC) as well as fiber optical modules that are used in such AOCs. We offer highly specialized expertise in the development of optical engines, multi-gigabit circuits, and RF-PCBs.

As development partner for well-known OEMs and suppliers, our engineers work as specialist on the success of our customer's projects. We're known for our highly-qualified and motivated employees, for our reliability and professionalism and for our top-class development and advisory expertise.


Be Part Of Us

  • Whether you are an optical or electronic engineer, looking for a new job to work full-time, part-time, or as consultant get in contact with us.
  • Our business depends on the creativity, dedication and performance of all our employees. We are looking for people with strong analytical and conceptual skills, who are committed to working collaboratively with both, colleagues and customers.
  • At i-Quu Labs, you will work on challenging and innovative projects and through this have the opportunity to learn, share, and grow. You will become part of a team with a culture of involvement, built on trust and respect. Our goal is to provide excellence to our customers, and we believe that our team is our number one asset in doing so.
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The Team

Our team of experienced engineers and consultants are all subject matters experts who take pride in being able to provide customers with the most up-to-date electronic design solutions. At i-Quu Labs, we are a multi-lingual team, with experience working on international projects and within geographically dispersed groups.


The Founder

Holger brings in more than 25 years experience in fiber optics, high-speed PHY layer ICs, RF, and process engineering. He wrote several patents on ultra-low power circuit IC technologies and novel optical interface architectures. Prior to founding i-Quu Labs, Holger founded successfully Silicon Line, a company considered as a world leader for ultra-low-power optical link technology. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Holger was with Profile Optical Systems, Xignal, Siemens and Infineon.